Energio is the world's simplest energy monitor. Start tracking today, its always free.

The world's simplest energy monitor

Don't be surprised by the electricity bill each month: track, budget, & save.




Track, compare, and control your home energy consumption.

  • Track Visualize your home's electricity usage.
  • Compare See how it compares to similar homes.
  • Control Control your energy consumption and spending.

Why it matters

Your home energy matters

  • 1900 $ per year Amount of money a typical US family spends on home energy bills.
  • 240 Billion $ per year How much consumers spend each year on energy for home use.
  • 1200 Million tons of GHG emissions Amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere as a byproduct of making the energy to power US homes.
  • 30 percent wasted Up to 30% of a typical home's energy consumption is wasted.

Track your home's energy usage


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How it Works

Monitor Your Energy in 3 Simple Steps

  • Read your meter Your home's electricity meter is just outside and it takes no time to read.

    It takes just a minute once per week and don't worry, we can help you read your meter to make sure you're accurate. Just go out to your meter, take note of the reading, and thats it!
  • Enter the reading Take the meter reading and submit it in your Energio account.

    Its easy to type your meter reading into Energio to immediately see an analysis of your home's energy consumption & graph of recent paterns.
  • Get a text & save Track your consumption with our automatic texts with your energy consumption.

    We'll send a weekly text to you (and your family or roommates) with a quick summary of your week's energy consumption and a tip on how to reduce it.

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