The first home performance tool that actually includes the homeowner
  • Increase your close rate for major efficiency upgrades
  • Educate and engage homeowners before the audit
  • Manage your customer relationships and track business performance
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Engage Clients
You're busy, and your focus is on the home performance assessment
Communicate and educate
on the benefits of an upgrade
Engage homeowners in
their home's performance
Manage Clients
Energ.io creates additional points of communication between the homeowner and both their home and their home performance professional, leading to more successful sales.
Manage your clients at every stage.
Reminders to check in with past clients
Sold three upgrades in one neighborhood?
Why not give their neighbor a free audit!

Analyze your key metrics
Creating Value
Close Rate Impact Calculator

See just how much an increase in close rate through energ.io will impact your bottom line!

(A) Avg. Audits/Month
(B) Avg. Project Size ($)
(C) Close Rate Increase (%)

i.e. 40% to 45% is a 5% increase
energ.io aims for a 10% increase

Additional Revenue

($ per month)

Cost of energ.io ($25/audit)

($ per month)

Additional Margin

($ per month)

  • For pre-order sales, just $25/audit

  • To the Cloud! - Access from anywhere

  • Small change in close rate = big changes in bottom line

  • Manage clients

  • Know your business
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